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summer 2021
Hot Grill Summer

American BBQ Collection

All Bark, No Bite has the sweet, tomato-y flavor of Texas-style BBQ sauce that defines American BBQ for so many people.

This sauce is just as comfortable building a thick, caramel-y lacquer on smoked ribs and cauliflower as it is smothered on a burger.

Smoke & Mirrors is a delicious experiment in just how complex a BBQ sauce can be.

This Memphis-style sauce is built on a smoky, herbal base and with just enough acid to balance out the rich flavor of wings, mushrooms, and whatever else you can fit in a deep fryer.

None Too Bright is a North Carolina-style mustard sauce — perhaps, the single most underrated style.

We took the acidic edge off, but made up for it by packing a smoky, earthy spice profile. Perfect for pulled pork and jackfruit, of course — but also great for giving a little pep to some brisket or burnt ends.

Nothing but the best

Each seasonal collection is a limited run, hand produced by us, featuring some of our favorite producers around the world.

We only produce 100 of each collection and then it’s gone forever.

Endless supply

Every collection comes with a custom, hand-illustrated tarot card you can scan to find the recipes for each jar in the collection.

Even though this collection will sell out, you never need to worry about running out.

Ecologically responsible

All pricing includes built-in carbon offsets for shipping and packaging materials.

Vegan + Gluten-Free

While these collections are inherently limited in number, we want them to be as inclusive as possible.